Weather App - Hourly and Daily Weather Forecast Android App

Weather App - Hourly and Daily Weather Forecast Android App

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Weather App is an Hourly and Daily weather forecast Android App made in Android Studio using Kotlin and Xml. It has the following features:

1. Beautiful Splash Screen: As the app icon is clicked and the App launches the first thing we see is the Splash Screen or Loading Screen. After this, the Admob App Open Ad is displayed.

2. Attractive UI with Popular Forecast Data Parameters: Get weather forecast data of popular and important parameters such as Weather type, Temperature, Real Feel, Humidity, Wind and Pressure.

3. 6 Days Weather Forecast: The user gets weather forecast data such as day’s temperature and weather type in the form of an icon. The data is shown of 6 days, that is today’s and 5 future days.

4. Detailed 3-hourly Reports of each Day: The user gets 6 days of weather forecast data with each day having 8 timestamps. That is every day’s detailed weather is shown every 3 hours.

5. Search the Weather of any City Worldwide: You can search the weather of any city in the world and get the same forecast data as of your city in no time.

6. Save City Feature: Add and Delete any city worldwide and get its detailed weather data report. The benefit of this feature is that after adding your particular city you can come back later and get your city’s weather data without having to search it again.

7. Beautiful Widget: Get the weather forecast of your city from our app, on your device’s home screen only using our specially made Weather Widget. It shows the weather icon related to the weather type, weather condition, temperature of your city, day, date, and time.

8. Admob Ads Integrated: The app comes with already correctly implemented Admob App Open Ads, which are also in accordance with Google Play Store Policies. The App is Android 14 (API 34) ready. It is compliant with all Play Store Policies. It has easy to use Interface.

9. Professional Navigation Drawer: The App comes with a professional and good-looking Navigation Drawer that includes elements such as Rate Us, More Apps, Privacy Policy.

10. Build using OpenWeatherMap API: This app is built using “” API. The API has got a free plan for beginners and paid plans for those who want to scale.

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