Washbook • Car Wash Management System

Washbook • Car Wash Management System

Washbook is a car wash software carefully crafted with the help of business owners manage their daily activities. Packed with features, Washbook will help your car wash increase efficiency and get more work done. Washbook has an intuitive interface with great visualization to help you understand your car wash in summary and in depth. We have a lot more features in Washbook. Check out some of them on the list below;


  • Services: With Washbook, you can create a list of services offered by the company and the rest of the branches. During checkout, the team only selects the services offered.
  • Commissions: For companies where staff are offered commission for services offered. The system tracks all the commission to be paid to the staff as well as payments already made to the staff.
  • Staff Payment History: Every payment made to your staff is recorded and tied to the staff. You’ll never wonder if a team member is paid or not
  • Branches: If you’re running a business with multiple branches, you’ll be able to track all your branch operations from one portal.
  • Saas Companies: Washbook is saas ready for multiple businesses to sign up.
  • Booking In: Booking vehicles in has never been easier. With Washbook, you can book vehicles using a tablet or a phone. The attendant can select the services offered, the staff permoming the service and how much commision is paid.
  • Overview: This is the summary of all your activities on the system. Know your business on one glance.
  • Rich Reporting: We do our best to record every activity on the system so that you get usefull insights about you business
  • Thank you SMS & History: Send thank you messages to your clients to appreciate them after they visit your business. We also keep a record of all messages sent.
  • Marketing & Bulk SMS: Send bulk SMS to your clients using our bulk SMS feature. You can send with Twilio or Africa’s Talking
  • Staff: Add all your staff to the system for better collaboration. Washbook has 5 roles; Owner has full access of the system. Manager have full access but has no delete permissions and Admin who is the main administrator of the system.
  • Settings: This module allows you to manage your profile and system settings easily with no coding skills needed.
  • Beautiful and responsive UI: Washbook was made with love and passion that’s why it looks stunning.
  • Fast processing speed: Washbook is faster with clean code written on PHP with MVC model.




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