StockPro- Billing & Inventory Management with POS (SPA + PWA)

StockPro- Billing & Inventory Management with POS  (SPA + PWA)
Latest Version  12 July 2022

* Added - Barcode Module
* Added - Accounting Report Module
* Added - New Language Added
* Fixed - Bug Fixed
* Fixed - Other issues

StockPro is an all-in-one management system that enables you to manage expenses, purchases, sales, payments, accounting, and many more. We believe that StockPro is the all in one solution for both wholesale and retail buisness models and ideal software for any small business or a large company. StockPro is built with C#, .NET 6, Blazor WebAssembly , AntDesign, and Other modern technologies.

Application can be ready to install on local computer or on server with easy installation process.

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  • Stockifly -  Billing & Inventory Management with POS

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