Solitaire Puzzle - HTML5 Game - Construct 3

Solitaire Puzzle - HTML5 Game - Construct 3

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Try to win as many rounds of solitaire as possible by removing all the cards from the grid. Cards can be removed if they are one higher or lower than the visible card shown at the bottom right. Suits are irrelevant. Aces are high and low. A Queen and an Ace can be placed on a King. You can also open a coveted card on the bottom left deck and put it on the stack. At the start, you must click a Covered card on the deck. Jokers are wildcards and can be played at any time, and any card can be placed on top of them.


  • Very Interesting Game to Play
  • Resolution 1280×720
  • HTML5 game playable on all platforms (PC, Mobile, Android, iOS)
  • Beautiful graphics (you can easily reskin according to your design)
  • Clean layout.
  • Small file size
  • Made in Construct 3
  • Mouse and Touch Controls
  • Please don’t forget to rate if you like the game.


  • HTML5 files.
  • documentation
  • c3p file (construct 3 project)
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