SNAKE GAME is a CLASSIC game with SNAKE game was easy to play . Witch the SNAKE must EAT the HEART BY moving the snake Form on clicking on direction buttons by touch it on screen or click keyboard keys directions .This game made with construct 3.        

How to play: 

  1. To start playing Click with mouse or touch on start button .
  2. Select level .
  3.  Start playing by moving the snake .
  4. Click ” BACK” button to go to start screen 
  5. Click on the bottom of start button to change mission screen 
  6. Play and enjoy .

Features are :

            1) Easy to customize.
           2) Animations.
           3) Sounds .
           4) Splach Screen .
           5) High Resolution.
           6) Mouse or Touch.

 Included Files:
- Zipped HTML5 Game files exported.
- Extracted HTML5 Game files exported.
- Construct3 file.
- Documentation.

 *If you need help you can ask me by comment. Don’t forget to Follow me.

Let’s Customize it.

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