Skater Boy's Journey

Skater Boy's Journey

Attention!!! This game contains the source code and can only be opened in Construct 3..

Skater Boy’s Journey is an exciting platform game available for PC and mobile devices that follows the story of a skater boy determined to recover his stolen tools. Players take on the role of this young adventurer, who automatically moves forward, changing direction upon colliding with walls. Get ready for a journey full of challenges, thrilling obstacles, and lots of action


Template Feature

• 16 Different levels
• Menus, Level Selection, Victory and Game Over
• This game works on all popular browsers
• Game in FullHD 1920×1080p
• Optimized for Mobile
• Touch and Mouse control
• Made with Construct 3

What you Get

• Documentation
• Construct 3 (.capx)
• Game exported in html, ready to use.


We are available to answer technical questions, resolve issues, and bugs in the game. Contact us for any assistance needed. If you enjoyed the game, leave a comment.

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