SignalR Private Chatting like Facebook

SignalR Private Chatting like Facebook

SignalR Private Chatting like Facebook. If you have a system where user can login then you can implement a chatting feature like facebook within the members. By the help of this codebase you can easily add the chatting features to your system. 

In this application when a user join or login to the system, available online uses will be shown on the right side of the page like facebook. Active users will be marked with a green sign. When you click on the online member, a chat window will be open for chat and you can start chatting. 

On the other side, if a chat request will come to an user, a chat popup window will be shown with sound. You can chat with multiple person at a time. 

You can change your online status with Online, Offline & Invisible mode. If you change your status to Offline then you will be marked as offline users to others. If you change your status to Invisible then you will be not shown to others on the right side chat user list.

Technology using:

  • .NET SignalR
  • C#
  • Jquery / Javascript
  • Html, Css




Please follow the documentation for more details.

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