Retirement Forecaster Calculator - Web Calculator for your Website.

Retirement Forecaster Calculator - Web Calculator for your Website.

Welcome to our Retirement Forecaster Calculator.The Retirement Forecaster Calculator is a sophisticated tool designed to help individuals plan for their retirement by providing a detailed forecast of their financial readiness.

User inputs:

  • Current Age
  • Retirement Age
  • Current Income
  • Replacement Ratio
  • Current Value of Capital Savings
  • Monthly Contributions Towards Retirement
  • Investment Return per annum (%)
  • Inflation And Thus Escalation Rate (%)

  • Value of Savings at Retirement
  • Salary at retirement
  • Age at which capital will run out
  • Thus, years after your capital runs out

Features of the Retirement Forecaster Calculator:
  • - Users can input their current age and the age at which they plan to retire.
  • - Users can input their current net after-tax monthly income.
  • - Users can specify what percentage of their current income they aim to have at retirement.
  • - Instant result without page reload
  • - JS and CSS loads when shortcode called on page
  • - 100% Responsive design
  • - Unique Design
  • - Well Documented (proper help instructions for setup)
  • - Dedicated Support

The calculator is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and it also utilizes the popular JavaScript library jQuery. A premium quality Retirement Forecaster Calculator which you can easily embed into any website (well documented).