Red Golf - HTML5 Game (Construct3)

Red Golf - HTML5 Game (Construct3)
This game is also included in the INFINITY BUNDLE !!!

Attention!!! This game can be opened only in Construct 3.

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Red Golf -Is an addictive game where the player controls the golf ball to reach the hole in each level. During the journey, the player will have to move across different platforms, open doors to move in the right direction, avoid collisions with thorns, destroy monsters and bosses, and control windmills to use the wind to their advantage. The game combines elements of golf with an action-platformer, giving the player an unforgettable experience and a large dose of challenges.

  • This game works on all popular browsers;
  • Included HTML5 and Construct 3 files (c3p);
  • One Touch gameplay;
  • Original Art;
  • 45 different levels;
  • Touch and Mouse control;
  • FULL HD 1920×1080;
  • Documentations;

    Red Golf - HTML5 Game (Construct3) - 2


    Red Golf - HTML5 Game (Construct3) - 3
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