Race Rotate. 2 Player Mode. Construct 3 (c3p)

Race Rotate. 2 Player Mode. Construct 3 (c3p)

“Race Rotate” is a hyper-casual game where you have to compete with artificial intelligence in a ring race!

As in any race, the car must turn, but in this game everything is not so simple! The rotation is automatic while the car is standing still.

There will also be bonuses on the road that will speed up the speed by a second, which can decide the outcome of the race!

How to play?
1 Player mode: Tap and hold for movement. 2 Player mode: Player 1: Press “W” – movement Player 2: Press “Up Arrow” – movement

Attention! To edit the source file of the game, you need a Regular License of the Construct 3 game engine.

What will you get?
- The source file of the game (.c3p)
- Html5 archive with the game, which is ready for release on your website
- Documentation

- Made with Construct 3.
- 2 player mode.
- Clean, commented out code.
- Cool UI.
- Easy to reskin.
- Browser, Mobile, PC
- Mouse and Touch Controls.
- AdMob Ads Supported. (NOT included in project)

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