Prize Hunter - HTML5 Platformer game

Prize Hunter - HTML5 Platformer game

Prize Hunter – HTML5 Platformer game

Prepare yourself with both skills and courage for danger lurks in the land filled with numerous enemies ready to attack you. Have fun and excitement surviving enemy encounters and hunting for keys to unlock treasures with 2 different Heroes, each equipped with unique weapons, leveraging each Hero’s strengths to achieve victory in pursuit of adventure. Enjoy upgrading your Hero to enhance their strength, ready to combat various enemies and fend off attacks from all directions. Are you prepared with combat skills and ready to gather keys to unlock the treasure chest ?


  • Supplementary documentation.
  • Using Construct 3 no coding knowledge required.
  • HTML5 games can be supported on various platforms, including desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Easy for customization and adjustments according to your preferences, with comments and labels in the event sheet for your convenience.
  • 9 unique enemies.
  • 3 unique maps.
  • No need external plugins or 3rd party
  • No scripts only an event sheets
  • On screen Touch control for mobile and mouse control for desktop
  • Ready for exporting to HTML5, Android, and iOS.
  • Ready for integrating Ads/Admob and Rewarded Ads.
  • Full-HD with beautiful and detailed graphics, at a resolution of 1080×1920.
  • All sound files included


  • Use on-screen joystick on mobile or on PC mouse keyboard control your character to play



  • A source files for Construct 3 (C3P)
  • All sound files
  • All graphic files are in PNG format.
  • HTML5 export is ready for immediate use or deployment on your website.
  • Documentation
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