Premium Game - Parking Jam Full Game - HTML5,Construct3

Premium Game - Parking Jam Full Game - HTML5,Construct3

Premium Parking Jam is a fun and relaxing puzzle solving game.

- The goal of the traffic jam game is to find a way out for the white ambulance by shifting the remaining cars to make space for the white car to get out.

The exit door is a laser system, you can’t get through if you don’t find the key first. You have to take the white ambulance to find the key first to open the laser door.

Be careful because the number of steps and energy level is limited to get you out of the traffic jam.

Control the car by swiping in 4 directions left right up and down.

While playing, the game has a power up function for steps and energy level to help you pass the game easier by watching ads.

- Each level has a different difficulty.

Integrated admob monetization feature.

Beautiful graphics (you can easily reskin according to your design)

Full features for a popular game for all devices.

This game has been developed using Construct 3, Construct 3 is a HTML5 game Engine.


  • Source file (HTML5,c3p)
  • 720×1080px
  • Cross-platform
  • Many levels with different difficulty
  • Game Powerup,more fuel,more moves.
  • Clean layout
  • Localstorage to save game data
  • Save and load last played game
  • Small file size
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Author hvgragame
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