NFT Collection Generator

NFT Collection Generator

NFT Collection Generator - is a simple yet powerful application to create NFT collection and Metadata.


  1. Supports upto 50 layers
  2. Drag and drop support to arrange layers and delete layers.
  3. Customizable width, height, number of NFT and output path.
  4. Export as png or jpg.

Why NFT Collection Generator ?

  1. Built using Electron JS with React.
  2. Supports multiple platform like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  3. Well written and consice documentation.
  4. Beautiful User interface.
  5. Easy to customize the UI.
  6. Setup quickly using Node js.
  7. Super fast NFT generation.

Files includes:

  1. Prebuilt application for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  2. Source code of the project.
  3. Demo walkthrough video.
  4. Documentation .