Math Challenge - Html5 (Construct3)

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This is a very popular math game where players have to use their genius brains to deduce numbers.

and operations of the equation to find the correct answer in limited time. After opening a new level, the player will receive a direct score system that can be used to open hints in difficult levels.

The game has 70 levels arranged from easy to difficult.

Featured  game.

- The game is made with construct3 and no other 3rd party libraries are used

- The game is optimized to play on mobile and windows…

- Compatible with all the most popular web browsers today

- File include document, file .c3p, source html5 game

- Finger touch support game and mouse pc 

- Documention change skin …

- Screens Include: Game Play , Game Home,Game Lose, Game Pause

- We receive upgrades and develop more features of the game

- We ready upload game on server

- We are ready to add Ads SDK or Game ID fast.


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Math Challenge - Html5 (Construct3)

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