Letter Module for Worksuite SAAS

Letter Module for Worksuite SAAS

The Letter Module

The Letter Module is a user-friendly tool designed to aid you in creating impactful letters for various purposes. Whether you need to write a formal business letter, a heartfelt personal message, or any other type of correspondence, this module provides valuable assistance. With its intuitive features, you can customize the content to suit your unique needs, ensuring that your letters are not only well-written but also tailored precisely to convey the message you intend.

Note: Please note that the Letter Module is not a standalone product and is only compatible with Worksuite SAAS CRM version 5.3.61 or newer. 


Setting up the Letter module is easy and requires no coding skills. Simply follow the provided documentation or reach out to our team for assistance. Our team is available to help with installation and setup upon request.

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