Laser Overload- ( C3P + HTML5)

Laser Overload- ( C3P + HTML5)

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Laser Overload -To recharge the batteries connect the energy sources to the batteries. You can do it by turning the mirrors while allowing the energy to reflect.

When you solve the problem, the entire grid becomes electrified and charged, allowing you to feel it as well. This immersive, sensation-based experience.

Software Used: Construct 3 Game Engine.

Controls: Touch the mirror to rotate.


• One Tap Game.

• Puzzle gameplay.

• Mobile Optimized.

• Puzzled levels.

• Different skin to select.

• 20 different challenging levels!

Files Included:

-Construct 3 source file ( C3P ) .

-HTML5 export file.

-Documentation file (Quick Guide).

-Assets used in game i.e graphics and audio files.

I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this game template.

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