Jungle Party

Jungle Party

Jungle Party is a popular match-3 game on Google Play and the App Store. This game helps you to build similar games easily, which will reduce the time. You don’t need to know any programming language to configure and use it. It’s easy to populate it with your own tasks, change the UI, change your Admod, Unity, IronSource ID, start gaining experience promoting the game and making money. We will support you until you are most satisfied with the asset. Features:

- Unity2020.3.36f1c1 project

- Compatible with mobile phones

- Support Android and iOS

-It’s a complete game designer, sounds, effects, gameplay, full resources, full animations, for such a complete sound

-Amazing System Levels: Contains 300+ unique levels that you can use as a starting point for your own game.

-Level Lock Type: A level can be locked and unlocked by the player passing the level.

-Easy Reskin: Easy to use to change the game’s picture

-Ad monetization: Admob integration (banner, interstitial, video rewards, App Open), support for Unity Ads, IronSource, Applovin Ads

-Rewarded ads (continue the game phase and get free coins).

-GDPR compliant

-User Messaging Platform (UMP) SDK is integrated. As a result, the game meets Google’s new consent management platform requirements

-Sound: Background music and sound effects are included in the settings for muting in the game

-Multiple screen sizes for most mobile devices

-Professional clean code, clean project

-Simple and attractive

-Easy redesign for all platforms.

-New developer friendly

-Unity 2020 or later is supported

-Support for building 64-bit, the latest API, and the latest Android

-Support for building Android App Bundles (AABs)

-Documentation is updated online