InMillion YouTube Views - Add-on

InMillion YouTube Views - Add-on

Send unlimited views to any YouTube video type


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  • This item is an optional add-on for Web Traffic Generator. It is NOT a standalone software, which means that you need also to buy the license of “Web Traffic Generator” if you don’t have it.
  • You have to follow the 11 rules of YouTube and Proxy that is mentioned below in “Best Practices”
  • You need to buy Premium Proxy from a trusted provider and change your proxies frequently.
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Sounds good? Let’s see what you can do with this creative tool:

YouTube Views is a creative tool that allows you to send unlimited views to any YouTube video type.


With a lot of control options: youtube-options

and full proxy control options: youtube-proxy

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Features, terms and best practices

  1. Don’t use TOR or free proxy because it flagged by Google
  2. Premium proxy is the only choice, especially Rotating proxy because it generates a lot of proxies.
  3. Since YouTube doesn’t count views from the same IP after a certain time, you can’t use this tool without proxy.
  4. Set the views count according to your proxies count, for example: if you have 1000 proxies, set the views quantity to 1000 or 1100.
  5. Remember: these rules and policies are applied by Google and YouTube websites, not by our software. to use this tool correctly and get the best results, you have to follow that rules
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  7. We have tested this software for 8 months before releasing it and it has stopped for two times due to changes in YouTube algorithm so:
  8. Expect that it could stop at any time in the future. When this happens, we’ll do our best to get it back to life but we can’t expect how much of time we’ll need to fix it in days, weeks or even months. We appreciate your attention and understanding to this point

  9. It’s an Add-on for Web Traffic Generator , not a standalone software.
  10. It doesn’t support monetization
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    More to know:

  12. How many views I can send per month? Between 40k to 90k or maybe more if you have a super computer. Read more at this link
  13. YouTube usually takes up to 24 hours to count the views.
  14. Do not expect to get 100% of the views quantity. If you sent 1000 views, you could get up to 750 views due to Premium Proxy issues itself because even premium proxies could be flagged as spam by Google.

    As you are a digital marketer, you’ve probably seen an image like this thousands of times spam-proxy
    This is a premium proxy and has been stopped by Google, which means that it won’t be counted on YouTube.

    As a conclusion to this important term:
    Out of 1000 delivered views, YouTube could count: 300, 500, 400 or up to 750
    It all depends on the quality of your proxy provider.
  15. We Guarantee the views will not be dropped if it already counted with quality-proxies

It’s good to learn more about how YouTube counts views, for example google this


Ready to go? Discover its power

  • Very easy to use, friendly interface and well documented.
  • Refer search results with full human behavior and CTR simulation from the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo
  • If you don’t know a lot about CTR feature or how much it is a powerful indicator for SERPs, google it

  • Each feature or section has a help button with an Auto Translate the description to any language by single click via Google translate.
  • There’s no action required by you to do, no coding or any additional steps. Just add links and proxy then click Start Job.
  • Fully safe and counted if you maintained the above mentioned rules
  • Try before you Buy

    Free to try for 7 days, no registration or credit card required. Instantly downloading and activation

    free trial


    • RAM Minimum 8Gb
    • CPU Minimum Intel core i3 7th gen/AMD A5/Ryzen 5 – clock speed 2.10 GHz

    sprt-line Note: This add-on will be updated automatically from within Web Traffic Generator app.

    V 1.6 Released: 10 Aug 2023
            - Fix bug of short video analysis
    V 1.5 Released: 15 Apr 2023
            - Update to the latest YouTube algorithm
    V 1.2 Released: 29 Jan 2023
            - Multi-language Interface: English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Italian, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic and Turkish.
            - Increase maximum view duration to 7200s (2 hours).
            - Improve stability on RDP machines.
    V 1.0 Released: 22 November 2022
            - Initial release

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