Gyroforcer - HTML5 - Construct 3

Gyroforcer - HTML5 - Construct 3

Engage in a unique gaming experience where you control the floor’s rotation—left or right—to navigate and jump strategically. Master this power to overcome challenges, test your skills, and redefine how you interact with the game world. Are you ready to reshape your gaming adventure?

Update 1.0 : First realese.


  • The game is made with Construct 3 and no other 3rd party plugins are used
  • All functions are Construct 3’re events and actions built, no JS stuff.
  • Game Support Mobile
  • All files included: source game .C3P, documentation (PDF), HTML exported ready game.
  • Screen design HD
  • Keyboard Support
  • Comments fully, easy to understand and customize!
  • Replace image easily.


 If you purchase extended license, I will help you to reskin free! 


 If you found any difficulty or have any questions, please reach me via these channels: