EV Hub Charging Station Booking React Admin UI Dashboard Web App Template

EV Hub Charging Station Booking React Admin UI Dashboard Web App Template


Dear customers, this is only a frontend react template, there is no backend script. Please take this into consideration when you decide to purchase our Admin UI Template.


EV Hub is groundbreaking web-based EV Charging Booking Application concept. We have meticulously designed and coded a user-friendly and intuitive journey that guides you seamlessly from searching for available and optimal chargers to making a reservation, monitoring the ongoing charging process, and completing the check-in process.

EV Charging Station Booking Web Application Dashboard

Template Key Features

  • Four Distinct Pages
  • Fully Responsive Design/li>
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Precise Pixel-Perfect Design
  • Compliant HTML5 & CSS3 Files
  • Easy Customization
  • Contemporary Responsive Style
  • Compatibility with Multiple Browsers

Sources and Credits

  • React 18 + Vite:A modern web development tool, Vite, combines with the React framework to deliver efficient and rapid web applications.
  • React Router 6:A widely-used routing library for React applications, enabling smooth navigation between different sections of your application while synchronizing the UI with the URL.
  • Ant Design 5:A design system tailored for enterprise-level products, offering a range of high-quality components and layouts to construct consistent and visually pleasing web applications. In this project, we primarily utilize the grid system.
  • SASS:A potent CSS preprocessor that extends CSS capabilities with features like variables and nesting.
  • Chart.js:A flexible and feature-rich JavaScript library for creating interactive and customizable charts and graphs to enrich your web applications.
  • Framer Motion 10:A popular animation library for React applications, simplifying the creation of smooth and visually captivating animations and transitions.
  • React-spinners:A compilation of loading spinner components designed for React applications, serving to indicate ongoing content loading or background task execution.


For more detailed information and documentation on each of these technologies, feel free to visit the provided links.