Earphone Mode OFF - Fix earphone plugged in issue

Earphone Mode OFF - Fix earphone plugged in issue

Earphone mode off application is built with Kotlin and xml using latest Android Studio. Sometimes the mobile phone’s headphone jack is stuck in earphone plugged in status. This is a hardware problem. This app solves this problem bypassing the audio route to the speaker. The app has nice animation with simple UI. Please download the app and have a try.

Download Demo Apk

Notable Features:

  • One click speaker mode activation
  • No root required
  • Small apk size
  • Simple UI
  • Android 12 supported
  • Admob integrated
  • Light and dark mode
  • Easy to customize
  • Step by step documentation

You will get:

  • Full Android Studio Project Source Code
  • Proper step by step documentation for reskin/development

Steps to test the app

We can easity test the app with few steps.

  1. First install the demo apk into your phone.
  2. Plug in your earphone
  3. Play music in your phone, now it is playing in your earphone
  4. Open Earphone Mode Off app, wait for scan
  5. Click on Go Button.
  6. Click on click to change button.
  7. Now music will play through your phone speaker
  8. This means the app is working fine.
  9. Now, anybody who has earphone plugged in issue, can use this app to solve this problem.

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