Cut Grass - C3P + HTML5

Cut Grass - C3P + HTML5

Cut grass is a game in which you take control of your cutter to mow the lawn.

Maintain a lovely garden and cut the lawn. To cultivate flowers and trim the grass, move your finger. In this lawn-mowing game, you have to operate the grass cutter machine, cut the grass from the very beginning to the very end, create a flawless, spotless lawn with the lawn mover, and mow the yard as quickly as you can.

Software Used: Construct 3 Game Engine.

Controls: Swipe to move/ Use arrow key.


• Simple swipe-to-move controls.

• Keyboard controls (Arrow Keys and WSAD Supported).

• Relaxed gameplay.

• Mobile Optimized.

• Beautiful Visuals.

• Unique blades to unlock.

• 80 different levels!

Files Included:

-Construct 3 source file ( C3P ) .

-HTML5 export file.

-Documentation file (Quick Guide).

Note: No any third party plugin is not needed.

I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this game template.

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