Cube Dash - HTML5 - Construct 3

Cube Dash - HTML5 - Construct 3

Welcome to Cube Dash, an adrenaline-pumping game where you control a nimble box on a mission to reach flags against the clock. Your task is to race through the levels, reaching each flag before the timer hits zero. game has 30 Levels

Update 1.0 : First realese.
Update 1.1 : Fix issues & Add 5 More levels
Update 1.2 : Fix Issue can't continue game after close the game


  • The game is made with Construct 3 and no other 3rd party plugins are used
  • All functions are Construct 3’re events and actions built, no JS stuff.
  • Game Support Mobile
  • All files included: source game .C3P, documentation (PDF), HTML exported ready game.
  • Screen design HD
  • Keyboard Support
  • Comments fully, easy to understand and customize!
  • Replace image easily.


 If you purchase extended license, I will help you to reskin free! 


 If you found any difficulty or have any questions, please reach me via these channels: