Crazy Glass Game - c3p HTML5 Game

Crazy Glass Game - c3p HTML5 Game

Spooky games are played for money, most of your opponents have been eliminated and you are left alone, and now you will experience the most dangerous game, the glass game, for yourself. You must pass these difficult sections and trust your feelings, if you don’t, unfortunately you will be defeated and lose the prize money, but are you ready?


HTML5 game playable on both PC and mobile – Easy to Edit – Touch Controls – Fun Gameplay ∙ and I also made most of the assets in the game myself. You can use the images as you wish. The game is coded simply and clearly, but you need basic Construct 3 knowledge to edit the file. If you are not going to edit the file, you can use the output of the game as you wish. There is also a tutorial section in the game.

All of the locations have been examined and modeled one by one, and here is Crazy Glass Game with very fluent character animations.


A = move left D = move right Space = Jump

If you like the game, you can rate it. If there is any problem in the game, please send an e-mail or mention it in the comment section of the game, we will fix your problem.

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