Casino Online Admin Control #1

Casino Online Admin Control #1

Casino/Slots Game with Playfab Admin Panel Control. Database Playfab Installation Tutorial Included

The game was made using the program Construct 3 and Site Playfab to record user information and Admin settings. It’s very easy to add to your website and you don’t need to pay for a database, everything is ready for you to start your Online Casino safely. If you have questions I can help you, send me an email.


  • User Registration/Login;
  • Ranking System;
  • Database Stored Online Through the Playfab Site;
  • Daily Login Rewards System;
  • Total Access Control to the Users IP;
  • Add or Remove Coins from Users;
  • Banning of Users;
  • Coins Coupon;
  • Fully Online;
  • Html5 Included;
  • High Resolution: HD – 1280*720px;
  • Easy to Reskin;
  • Easy to Add Content
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed!

  • Ask us if you have any idea or want a custom service.