Bookingly - Appointment Booking Plugin For WooCommerce & RnB

Bookingly - Appointment Booking Plugin For WooCommerce & RnB

Revolutionise your business scheduling with our cutting-edge Appointment Booking Plugin, an essential extension for WooCommerce and RnB. Designed to cater to a wide array of industries – from bustling barbershops and serene spas to professional medical clinics and dynamic fitness studios – this plugin is your ultimate solution for efficient appointment management.

At the heart of our plugin lies a powerful inventory management system, seamlessly integrating with your resources to ensure optimal utilization. Coupled with our advanced availability management, you can effortlessly tailor your schedule to meet client demands without the risk of overbooking.

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Stay connected and informed with automated booking notifications – a feature that enhances communication by confirming appointments, sending timely reminders, and keeping both your team and clients updated. Streamline your operational workflow with our sophisticated order management, providing a comprehensive overview of each booking from start to finish.

Security and convenience are paramount, which is why our plugin includes diverse payment gateway integrations. From online transactions to offline payments, offer your clients flexibility and ease during checkout.

Beyond these core features, our plugin expands its capabilities with unlimited appointment products, local and global settings, and dynamic pricing options for slots, services, and resources. Offer customizations with configurable appointment fields, manage special dates, and empower clients with the ability to cancel appointments through their dedicated dashboard.

Integrating effortlessly with platforms like Google Calendar and providing comprehensive order reports, our plugin is not just a tool; it’s a transformative solution for your business. Elevate your appointment scheduling experience and unlock new operational heights with our versatile plugin.

Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Woocommerce and RNB-Woocommerce rental & Booking plugin installed and activated.
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v1.0.1 – 23 Nov 2023

- Fixed design issue of dropdown
- Price breakdown issue
- CSS updated
- Js updated

v1.0.0 – 17 Nov 2023

- Initial Release
# Main features
- inventory management
- availability management
- booking notifications
- order management
- payment gateway
# Perfect for
- barbershop
- photography
- martial arts
- coaching
- Fitness GYM/Yoga
- Beauty and cosmetology
- cleaning service
- Medical/Health
- Car wash 
- Tarot
- consulting
- pet care
- Yoga studio
- Therapist / Dietitian's
- Spa
- Law firm
- Life coaching 
- Diagnostics lab
- Coach
# Other features
- unlimited appointment product
- availability controls
- online/offline payment gateways
- order notifications
- control order status
- local and global settings
- slot pricing
- service pricing
- payable/non-payable resource pricing
- payable/non-payable locations
- payable/non-payable person
- coupon based discount
- deposit option
- configure appointment fields
- initially block dates
- custom block date
- handle holidays
- handle weekend
- calendar start date
- calendar internationalise 
- cancel appointment by customer
- customer dashboard
# Integration 
- Full calendar order report
- google calendar integration
- email notifications
- payment gateways integrations
- translation ready