Apk Manager

Apk Manager
Demo App: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R9U_xbbEVJ1i-adgcP3XeRBLb7iesxEn/view?usp=sharing

The APK Manager for Android is one app to install, uninstall, extract multiple apps at once.

App uses measurement reports, system information, and provides value added services for free.

Do you hate the multiple steps it takes to just uninstall your apps ?

Do you sometimes install many apps in order to find one that suits your needs, but then you hate the time it takes to uninstall the rest?

Do you need to reset/uninstall apps frequently ?

Package Manager is simple application tool which helps to get details about your device’s application with some useful management operations.

Do you install apps from outside the Play Store and can’t see icons of them automatically appear?

Wanna try getting rid of some of the bloatware your device has (*) ?

System apps removal is a risky operation. I do not hold any responsibility in case the functionality of your OS is damaged in any way when using this feature

Some system apps cannot be removed due to restrictions enforced by the ROM itself, but the app will try handling it the best it can, and sometimes a restart is needed to see the result

With the help of APK Analyzing Technique, User can check APK’s details before install them from Unknown Sources, by share them to Package Manager.

APK Extractor is a customizable APK manager for Android. It allows you to easily extract any installed app, mark as favorite, share .apk files, and more.

Key Features:

  • APK files management
  • Open link on play store
  • Tap app icon to view detailed development info.
  • Easiest uninstaller – single click on an app to uninstall it
  • Share APK Files to anyone, and any of their devices.
  • Detailed APK file information. (installation path, package name)
  • Android 13 Support
  • AdMob, Facebook support
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