5 HTML5 Mini Games (Phaser 3)

5 HTML5 Mini Games (Phaser 3)

HTML5 Mini Games Bundle, this item contains 5 games, all of which are easy to play and control. Each game can be operated with either touch or mouse using just one hand, with the primary objective being to achieve the highest score possible.

Click link below to play the game demo

  1. Asteroid
  2. Hunting Frog
  3. Mini Racer
  4. Ninja Leap
  5. Ski Drift

Game Bundle Screenshot

All of these games have been developed using Phaser 3, which is a free open-source HTML5 game framework. Learn more at http://phaser.io.

  • Source files (HTML5)
  • 720×1080px resolution
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Clean layout and design
  • Local storage for saving game data
  • Compact file size for quick loading
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