Summer People - Animated & Rigged

Summer People - Animated & Rigged

A super versatile pack of Low Poly People where all models can walk, talk, sit and interact, plus all models can use the same or many different textures.


Independent Rest Pose in files: FBX -for easy rigging Independent Animated -FBX, BLEND (Native) -file includes all 6 animations Blender file with all Rest Pose together . Full Pack with Animations -as preview Textures created for the pack. Props and extra models included as seen on 3D model All our posed packs include a bunch of cool props, accessories or extra models that help set your scenes with a cohesive style and scales.

Make your crowds stand out from your competition with our collection of low poly people with amazing possibilities.

Skin textures for variation and randomness available at the store Change the clothes, skin tone, shoes, and hair as you please to give your render more variation and seamless repetition.

We have developed a huge collection of textures that are great to create crowds with all our people. All our Low Poly People are compatible with our unique maps to make them all look different, just duplicate and change texture, getting a completely different character.

Useful and universal 3D formats included We have covered pretty much every software out there for import and export, improving reach and usability for you.

Blender (BLEND) – Native Files Autodesk FBX (FBX)

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