Retro Funk Loop Pack

Retro Funk Loop Pack is a music bundle of energetic groovy old school funk looped music tracks with vintage sound reminds you your favourite criminal, detective-like, heist or caper comedy films, robbery, crime movies, action films, thieves, 70s vibe.

Retro Funk Loop Pack can be played as a perfectly working loop. So it’s very easy to connect all the loops in a natural way to each other.

Retro Funk Loop Pack has a super powerful energy!

Funky bass, energetic electric guitars, groovy brass section, catchy soul piano, vintage pianet and synths, Hammond organ, smooth drums, rhythmic percussions, old school fx.

Perfect as soundtrack for comedy criminal movies, advertising, action movies, fast scenes, humorous situations, any kind of dynamic action scenes, trailers, tv and radio, background music, documentary, corporate presentations, ad campaign, youtube videos or video transitions, social media marketing, video game soundtrack, podcast, upbeat video, fashion video, lifestyle videos.

Associated with Ocean’s Twelve, Gangsters, Adventure, Investigation, Criminal Comedy, Casino, Cards, Guy Ritchie movies, etc.

This music pack contains three (3) different Retro Funk Loop tracks:

Retro Funk Loop 5 versions (0:17, 0:17, 0:17, 0:17, 0:17),

Criminal Vintage Funk Loop 5 versions (0:17, 0:17, 0:17, 0:17, 0:17),

That Retro Funk Loop 5 versions (0:34, 0:34, 0:34, 0:34, 0:34).

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