Dramatic Hit Trailer Pack

Dramatic Hit Trailer is a great sound effects pack for dark events. Used for accent, movement, action, tragic scenes and plots, announcements, sound design, etc. It is easy to shorten the duration of the sound. Cut and add FADE. Dramatic Hit Trailer useds for video, background, advertising, internet applications, educational film and video, news programs, social networks, slideshow, movie, transitions, radio, television, theatrical productions and performances, games, messages, sound notification, ringtone, animation , smartphone, Android, iPhone, iPad, web, sms, intro, outro, logo, trailers, Youtube, Vimeo, show, representation, Motion Videos, 3d graphics, After Effects, etc. As an element of advertisements, slideshows, videos, multimedia, infographic, flat animation, movies, menus or other interactive programs and applications.

MP3 and WAV files in ZIP. Wave 44.1kHz / 16bit, MP3 320 kbps. 1. Dramatic Hit Trailer 1 (0:14) 2. Dramatic Hit Trailer 2 (0:13) 3. Dramatic Hit Trailer 3 (0:14)

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