Western Spaghetti Adventures Pack

“Western Spaghetti Adventures Pack” is a western-styled, spaghetti western music pack.

This authentic, vintage sounding, cinematic western tracks, features guitars, bass, and flute quena, along with strings, brass, drums and percussion. It is a catchy, and memorable melody, which will lend character to your visuals.

The music is inspired by Ennio Morricone, James Last & Nino Rota. It would work fantastically well in games, advertising, blogs, youtube films, short films, animations, and anything where a heroic feel is needed.

  1. Dramatic Western Spaghetti: 2:24, 0:26
  2. Western Spaghetti Adventures: 2:28,0:19
  3. Spaghetti Western Desperate Hero: 2:27, 1:30

This pack includes 3 items (8 tracks) (WAV & MP3) in ZIP file

In the demo, only the main version tracks. All additional versions can be found on the track pages.

  1. Dramatic Western Spaghetti Main (2:24; BPM 112);
  2. Dramatic Western Spaghetti Intro (0:26; BPM 112)
  3. Western Spaghetti Adventures Main (2:28; BPM Varies)
  4. Western Spaghetti Adventures Intro (0:19; BPM Varies)
  5. Spaghetti Western Desperate Hero Main (2:20; BPM 90)
  6. Spaghetti Western Desperate Hero Short (1:37; BPM 90)
  7. Spaghetti Western Desperate Hero Intro (0:20; BPM 90)

Western Spaghetti Adventures Pack - 1

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