Vlog Hip-Hop Pack

Vlog Hip-Hop Pack is a music bundle of old school lo-fi chill laid-back hip-hop boom bap vibes with jazz-infused piano chords, elegant electric guitars, smooth deep hip-hop bass, soulful chopped vocals, jazzy trumpets, smoked-out boom bap beats, groovy percussion and old-school vinyl atmosphere.

Chill and easy background Hip-Hop Vlog music pack!

Vlog Hip-Hop Pack is perfect for vlog, blog, youtube, advertisement, urban videos, sport video, films, live video, games, commercial and corporate projects, art, technology, real estate advertisement, fashion, car repair videos, stylish, lifestyle, clothing advertisement, designs and beauty videos, clothing videos, food vlog, footwear advertisement, cooking show, skate video, food commercials, cooking videos, underground culture, street style videos, rap video, TV shows, rap interview, sitcom stinger idents, talk show, documentaries, cooking video, presentations, food video, slide shows, apartment repair videos, social and commercials, slow motion video, vacation videos, bmx video, travel videos, teenage video, logos, 90s video, background, car advertisement, television intro, car video, instagram, tiktok, and other video projects.

This music pack contains three (3) different Vlog Hip-Hop tracks:

Vlog Hip-Hop 5 versions (2:05, 1:43, 1:20, 0:57, 0:30),

Chill Vlog Hip-Hop 5 versions (2:05, 1:08, 1:08, 0:45, 0:28),

Lo-Fi Boom Bap 5 versions (1:55, 1:12, 1:01, 0:43, 0:30).