Upbeat Rock Pack

“Upbeat Rock Pack” is a dynamic collection of instrumental tracks designed to infuse energy and excitement into any project. With three high-octane compositions, this pack delivers the perfect soundtrack for moments of triumph, exhilaration, and unstoppable momentum.

With its combination of driving rhythms, electrifying guitars, and anthemic melodies, the “Upbeat Rock Pack” is guaranteed to elevate any project with its infectious energy and undeniable charisma. Whether you’re seeking the perfect soundtrack for a sports montage, an action sequence, or a moment of triumph, these tracks will leave your audience pumped up and ready for more.

Perfect for: Promo, presentation, advertising, corporate presentations, marketing, YouTube intros, film, background, product launching, YouTube video, real estate video marketing, broadcasting, vlogs, podcast, promotional videos, intro, and more.


Upbeat Rock: 2:04

4 Versions included:

Upbeat Rock – 2:04 (Main)

Upbeat Rock – 1:09 (Medium)

Upbeat Rock – 0:42 (Short 1)

Upbeat Rock – 0:24 (Short 2)

Upbeat Rock – 1:13 (Loop)

Upbeat Action Background: 1:28

4 Versions included:

Upbeat Action Background – 1:28 (Main)

Upbeat Action Background – 0:32 (Medium)

Upbeat Action Background – 0:17 (Short)

Upbeat Action Background – 0:55 (Loop)

Upbeat Action Rock Modern Promo: 2:30

5 Versions included:

Upbeat Action Rock Modern Promo – 2:30 (Main)

Upbeat Action Rock Modern Promo – 0:47 (Main)

Upbeat Action Rock Modern Promo – 0:33 (Short 1)

Upbeat Action Rock Modern Promo – 0:19 (Short 2)

Upbeat Action Rock Modern Promo – 0:58 (Loop)