Upbeat Corporate

Upbeat Corporate - 1 !!!

This is our new composition and it is now available. The Inspire will complete your projects and will perfectly play the role of a background music. It is a relaxing music that brings calm and confident atmosphere. This track was created as an addition to all the variety of your great works. Get ready to be surprised when you hear the music. It is quite universal and easy to understand composition so it will find its listener quickly. The music can be used for your corporate projects and advertising things. Also it can be used for different kinds of videos such as tutorials, YouTube, video hive, promotions, slideshows, presentations and so on. Click on the play button now! Music is power!

Four Versions are included:
File A – Upbeat Corporate (Full Version) (2:16)
File B – Upbeat Corporate (Intro Version) (0:35)
File C – Upbeat Corporate (Outro Version) (0:27)
File D – Upbeat Corporate (Minute Version) (1:06)

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