The Upbeat Corporate

Uplifting happy corporate item that great for many contents. Beautiful quick motion with traveling around the world and with mountains, sky, gentle cloud and cosmic inspired innovation for hope people of future. Cheerful inspirational children mood with family smile, positive picture with hopeful, movie with optimistic and freedom, sport with speed and extreme, political agreement with motivational news, motivation of audience on the business with grand celebration, inspire of melody resembling of toys and gaming. Great for advertising, slideshow, website and design, presentation, for films subtitles and time fun in video.

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I have been composing music for about 9 years in absolutely different style: cinematic, electronic music, business and many many more, that you can find it in Quick search

For VideoHive authors!

You may use any of my preview tracks for your projects only you should give my music track a link in your description (For example “featuring the music track by Eliansproductions”). Also, please send me an email to let me know about your item that I can include links to your item in my profile and also descriptions of item to help promote your project. Thanks!

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