Soulful Sentimental Piano

emotional sentimental music

Soulful Sentimental Piano - 1

Beautiful sentimental and emotional music with piano and small string ensemble. Two different versions: orchestral piece and warm jazzy piano.

Perfect for any media projects and video with these main tags: Sweet Home, Family, Care, Old Photos, Pictures, Slideshow, Memories, Parents, Baby, Kids, Cute, Wedding, Love, Social Video, Short Animation Film, Documentary, Love Story, Advertising, Kids Goods, Cosmetics, Health, Animals, Emotional, Gentle, Smile, Kind, Romantic, Optimistic, Sad, Life, Hope, Peaceful, Jazzy, Improvisation, Nostalgic, Calm, Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas.

2 versions :

  • Warm Piano – (0:50) Warm and jazzy only piano version, in preview from start
  • Main – (0:53) Full version with piano and strings


Feel good and have a nice day!

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