RPG Town Village Theme 06

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This orchestral track is composed in the classic RPG music style (dark, fantasy, celtic and medieval mood).

Musical instruments used:

  • Beautiful String Orchestra
  • Magical Harp
  • Dreamy male and female choirs
  • Airy Woodwinds ensemble
  • Emotional Soloists
  • Heroic Brass section
  • Traditional Folk musical instruments
  • Epic Percussion

This soundtrack is the best choice for a game project requires big, exploring, fairytale and adventure music background. Perfect as a town, village, tavern or inn theme (orcs, dark elves, humans, trolls, undeads, gnomes, goblins, pirates, dwarves and other races).

Two variations included:

  • RPG Town Village Theme 06 (loop) — 1:01
  • RPG Town Village Theme 06 — 1:03
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