Roman Solider Video Slot

Roman Solider Video Slot


Roman Solider Slot is a HTML5 slot machine game. Attractive game rules and much more are waiting for your to discover. We promise you will love this slot game If you have a fan of the slot games.

Online Documentation

Roman Solider Documentation

What include

  • HTML5 files.
  • documentation
  • c3p file (construct 3 project). You need to purchase the extended license to get it. Thank you.
  • Laravel Casino Platform

    Check the profile for more information.
    Demo: (user:admin, password:slotgen)
    Play demo (user:user0_01, password:user0_01) Roman Solider Video Slot - 1


  • 1 Sep 21 – Released
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    Price $49.00
    Author slotgen
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