Rock Shatter

Rock Shatter

Rock Shatter one click solution to generate native rock pieces for you from polygon objects.
Rock Shatter - 1 Rock Shatter - 2 Rock Shatter - 3

detailed video Tutorials:

how to crack polygon in maya

Ruins getting destroyed (parte 1)
copy these following 2 files in icons directory

source ktRockShatter;
version 1.4.1:
-error “Cannot find procedure AEswitchAddButtonCB”. this small but critical bug fixed.
-second applying operation was not working correctly. fixed.
-Unique Rainbow Coloring for Each generated parts functionality added.
-shattering method is rewritten from scratch. now getting better polygon pieces.
-an option added (“remove piecess smaller than”).weird pieces now not generating.
-progressbar now avaible.
-auto subdividing if polygon vertices not enough to shatter partition;
-shelf icon modernized.
-UVs of pieces are now corrected. (compatible with maya 2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 and so on. earlier versions of maya didnt tested. but should work too. if doesnt. mail us with details. get a quick update.)


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