Realtime KPI Dashboard with Drag Drop Widgets

Realtime KPI Dashboard with Drag Drop Widgets

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# Introduction

mBoard is a real time KPI dashboard who want to monitor the KPI values. mBoard will convert the JSON data into tablular form as well as gorgeous chart. mBoard provide NO DB NO AUTH functionality means You do not need any database to store data and No authentication process to access the dashboard. However, mBoard can export the portfolio and import again for restore the dashboard screen.

# What is a KPI Dashboard?

A KPI dashboard displays key performance indicators in interactive charts and graphs, allowing for quick, organized review and analysis. In this way, a KPI dashboard transforms massive data sets from across an organization into data-driven decisions that can improve your business.

# Why do we measure performance

  • Control Humans Require Management
  • Ensure Moving to Right Direction
  • Drive Change
  • Create Competition
  • Analyze Value Drivers
  • External Reporting
  • Desicion Support
  • Reward and Compensation

# Why choose as Your KPI Dashboard

  • Private and Unlimited Portfolios
  • Dragable Widgets Design
  • Multiple Widgets Type
  • Realtime Data from REST API
  • Multi-Language


The implementation is wide range for any industries and business. Basically, the dashboard has unique design and portable for many platforms.

  • Marketing effectiveness

    • Keyword performance

    • Average time on page

    • Conversion rate

    • Average lead score

    • Website traffic lead ratio

  • Customer service

    • Customer satisfaction score

    • Cost per call

    • First response time

    • Customer retention rate

    • Average resolution time

  • Financial health

    • Profit and loss

    • Current ratio

    • Operating cash flow

    • Burn rate

    • Vendor expenses

  • IT performance

    • Mean time to repair

    • Server downtime

    • IT ROI

    • Unsolved tickets per employee

    • Projects delivered within budget


  • Flutter framework
  • Dart programming language
  • Develop with VSCode


  • Latest Web Browser
  • Internet


  • Realtime dashboard
  • REST API for datasources
  • Drag drop and resize widgets
  • Syncfusion Charts
  • Access Widget Properties
  • Config Dashboard Size
  • Clean dashboard widgets
  • Setup pre-defined dashboard size
  • Export and Import Portfolio

What is Memory Leak

In computer science, a memory leak is a type of resource leak that occurs when a computer program incorrectly manages memory allocations in a way that memory which is no longer needed is not released. A memory leak may also happen when an object is stored in memory but cannot be accessed by the running code.

We have checked the memory leak with Flutter DevTools and no issue.


Download sample exported portfolios and try import into the dashboard.

There have a lot of PAID or FREE REST API in the market:


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mBoard Key Features

Change Log

28 Jul 2022 Version 1.0.5
* Theme Setting
* Enhance Circular Chart
* Enhance Gauge Chart
* Enhance Note Widget with Selectable Text
* Enhance Table Widget with Selectable Text
* Default Datasource recursive is One Time Request
* Sortable for Table Widget
* Set Path JSON/CSV as Datasource (not web version)
* Display First 20 Records of Data
* Axis Label Color
21 Jul 2022 Version 1.0.4
* Composite Chart
* Toggle Legend
* Reset while Change Widget Type
* Change DropDown to Combobox
* Fix Bug
Version 1.0.3
* Fix Mobile UI Screen
* Duplicate Datasource
* MAP widget
* Full Screen Widget
* Enhance Drag Experience
* Enhance Datasource Management
Version 1.0.2
* Table Widget
* Note widget
* Image widget
* Duplicate Widget
* Help Icon
* Template
* Enhance show/hide
* CSV format
* Enhance Performance
15 Jul 2022 Version 1.0.1
* Datasource recursive option
* Horizontal or Vertical display widget
* Json Tree Horizontal Expand
* Number Widget with Change Percentage
* i10n
* show/hide Widget Title Bar
12 Jul 2022
Initial Version 1.0.0
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