Real Estate Interactive Presentation Widget for WebSite (SAAS)

Real Estate Interactive Presentation Widget for WebSite (SAAS)

Best fit for Property Management Companies. Available analogues on market: SightMap (see integrations in google, keyword “SightMap”).



Main features:

  • iFrame – correct working in iFrame
  • Responsive design – good working on Mobile and Tablet
  • No DataBase required – Platform can store all data in files or in MySQL database
  • Installer script – Automatic installation with detailed instructions. No-DataBase case – need only configure files permissions and click “Install”.
  • One click update – Automatic updating without overwriting custom addons/themes
  • SAAS – With monthly subscription plan

Universal Interactive Image Map Widget for:

  • Classic SVG Maps
  • Templates with dynamic values from Data Base (any columns)

This widget can be used for presentation with availability map (selling or renting) of:

  • Apartment Complex
  • Apartment Community
  • Business Center
  • Real Estate Auction
  • Office Space for Rent
  • Lot Sales Map
  • Residence Complex
  • Apartments


  • SVG-map visual editing
  • Custom fields
  • Custom user filters
  • Polygone status from custom field
  • Apartments frontend table
  • Apartments flor plans list
  • Automatically generated scheme with all Buildings/Levels/Apartments
  • Backend apartments management

Development plan

  • Zillow integration