QuickAccounting - Business Accounting & Inventory Management Software

QuickAccounting - Business Accounting & Inventory Management Software

Updated New Features

Changelog: Date: 01/07/2024
- Migrate .net6 to .net 7
- Fixed Error handling
- Fixed Error Reconnect page
- Solved authentication bugs
- Solved import product
- Improve UI
- Fixed print preview <br />
<h2>Updated New Features</h2>
<pre>Changelog: Date: 05/03/2023
1. Added Human Resource module
2. Added Budget module
Changelog: Date: 12/05/2022
1. Solved Stock Problem
2. Added Report
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Quick Accounting Software is the best and easiest web-based financial management software built for all type of business , companies, organization. It focuses on easy operation and informed management decision making. QuickAccountin captures the business flow and anyone with basic business concept can use the system with minimal training. In most of the cases no debits or credits are required – knowledge of business is enough to correctly record business transactions. The software is build with enterprise grade quality and security. QuickAccounting is built with C#, .NET 6, Blazor Server.

Application can be ready to install on local computer or on server with easy installation process.

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  • Complete Source Code & Database Script
  • Regular updates
  • Free future updates
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    Start your accounting with a snap

    • Take pictures of your invoices, bills and supporting documents
    • Create transaction records easily with your uploaded documents.
    • Work together with your accountant on the platform itself.
    • Manage all your documents in one place

    Inventory Management

    Track your inventory’s position at different locations, transfer between warehouses and manage your product/ services.

    • Item Management
    • Item Category
    • Unit of measurement
    • Manual Inventory Adjustment


    Manage all accounting activities from a single place

    • Charts of Account
    • Banking
    • Journal Voucher
    • Cash Transfer
    • Payment Voucher
    • Receipt Voucher


    Track your finance and taxes with accurate accounting and tax reports in real-time.

    • Accounting Reports
    • Receivable/Payable Reports
    • Sales/Purchase Report
    • Tax and Statutory Reports
    • Inventory Reports:

    Mobile App

    Coming Soon



    Manage end-to-end sales process for both goods and services

    • Onboard and Manage Customers
    • Quotation
    • Sales Order
    • Sales Invoice/Billing
    • Customer Payment
    • Credit Note/Sales Return
    • Customer Payment Allocation
    • Track Payments

    Purchase Cycle

    Manage end-to-end purcahse process and suppliers

    • Manage Supplier
    • Purchase Order
    • Purchase Bill
    • Expenses
    • Supplier Payment
    • Debit Note
    • Supplier Payment Allocation

    Bank Reconciliation

    Automatically match your bank transaction with your book’s transaction

    • Upload Bank statement
    • Onclick reconciliation for matched transaction
    • Manual Reconciliation for unrecognized transaction

    Stock Management

    Enterprise version has in-built stock management system for internal use or trading purpose. Various stock reports make it easy to track which item is required and when. Within organization, you can track department/branch/cost center wise consumption.

    • Tasks
    • Contacts
    • Deals
    • Approvals
    • Documents

    Configuration & Users

    Configure QuickAccounting to meet your exact need

    • Create multiple users and define permissions
    • Get fully customizable transaction numbering and Prefix,Suffix
    • Create multiple users and define permissions
    • Manage custom fields in the transaction
    • Import customer, product and accounting data