Puzzle Block - HTML5 Puzzle Game (Construct 3)

Puzzle Block - HTML5 Puzzle Game (Construct 3)

Puzzle Blocks is a HTML5 puzzle game. It’s simple yet addictive gameplay that challenges your brain, Just move the blocks to fill all empty tiles until there is no more blocks to move.

Puzzle Block - 1

This game has been developed using Construct 3 with C3 runtime, there are no Construct 2 version, only c3p file as a game source.

You need active Construct 3 subscription to be able to modify the game, or to export to Android/iOS. There are a C3 monthly plan, if you need it for a short time, ex: if you want to generate Android Apk file.

There is 80 built-in unique levels and you can add new levels as much as you want with our Level Editor (http://cdn.redfoc.com/editor/blocks/).


  • Source file (c3p)
  • HD 720×1280
  • Next blocks preview
  • Built-in 80 levels
  • No external addons
  • Clean design
  • Cross-platform
  • Localstorage to save game score
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Sales 12
Price $25.00
Author redfoc
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