Pool Table with Neon Balls - PBR - Low Poly

Pool Table with Neon Balls - PBR - Low Poly

Low Poly- PBR

This design can be used as for a background scene or as a product of mini pool games.

Preview and 3D view: artstation.com/artwork/l6Gxa

The product are included with 2 stylish pool ball table, 1 stick clue , 16 Poll Balls and as well 16 neon balls.

The screen shot render in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Technical Detail:

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes Texture Size : 4096 and 1024 Albedo Map, Normal Map (Directx) RMA (Red Channel – Roughness | Green Channel – Metallic | Blue Channel – Ambient Occlusion) and Emissive Map Collision: Custom collision mesh for pool table Vertex Count: 10708 to 392

Mesh format: FBX, OBJ Texture format: TGA

Important note: Glow neon ball mesh have 2 material slot, Apply the Props texture to Neon ball first material, apply your game engine translucent material at the second material slot.

Also apply the props texture set into cue stick mesh

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