Perfex Android App (Lead Management App)

Perfex Android App (Lead Management App)

Perfex Android APP

This app is developed as a lead management app specially for perfex CRM.


  • Beautiful Dashboard
  • View all customers
  • Add customers
  • Add contacts
  • View customer profile in details, having contacts, tasks etc.
  • Add Tasks
  • Start task timer and stop task timers
  • Support management where you can add, edit and delete support
  • Add replies to support
  • View all leads, search within it
  • Edit leads
  • Delete leads
  • Send mail or call directly on leads if lead has mobile number and email filled up.
  • View entire lead details like -> profile, tasks, assignees etc.
  • Notifications list, Live Notifications via perfex
  • And a lot more…

Demo Admin Account Details

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456 Download Now

Perfex Android App (Lead Management App) - 1

We have created a Telegram group, for discussions, asking about new features and getting pre-release beta apps to test with new features. To join the group, click on this link & join this telegram channel :

Perfex Android App (Lead Management App) - 2
Perfex Android App (Lead Management App) - 3

Technical Details

  • Required Perfex CRM
  • Backend : Perfex CRM
  • Programming language: KOTLIN
  • Compile SDK Version: 32
  • Min SDK Version: 23
  • Target SDK Version: 32
  • Based on: Google Material Layout
  • Every library is up-to-date
  • Used all latest google libraries
  • Best part is, if you are a developer you will definetely love the neat and clean code


# UPDATE V 1.0.79 -  (21 February 24)
    -Invoice bug fixed
    -Customers bug fixed
    -APIs updated

# UPDATE V 1.0.78 - (30 July 23)
    -Added Leads filter
    -Added Leads search from server side
    -Added pagination on leads
    -Other small bug fixes.

# UPDATE V 1.0.77 - (15 July 23)
    -Added permission to for notifications as per google guideline on android 13
    -Fixed android 13 notifications bug.
    -Other small bug fixes.

# UPDATE V 1.0.76 - (04 July 23)
    -Added option to use with multi domains, just set the domain in the app before loggin in to the account.
    -Fixed attachments not opening on leads & tasks.
    -Other small bug fixes.

# UPDATE V 1.0.75 - (23 April 23)
    -Added option to capture live location in android app.
    -Admin can view location updates in their web panel.
    -Admin can turn off location access at anytime.

# UPDATE V 1.0.74 - (08 April 23)
    -Added customfields option in Add Leads
    -Added customfields option in Edit Leads
    -Added customfields option in View Leads
    -Fixed convert to customer bug
    -Fixed Lead not showing bug

# UPDATE V 1.0.73 - (26 Mar 23)
    -Major improvements in api's security(Must Update, as it will be very secure now)
    -Option to view all invoices, view and download invoice pdf, view invoice as customer, mark as sent, mark as cancelled
    -Screen to add invoices.
    -New material sidebar
    -Fixed bug - When viewing a customer profile it shows only first customer's profile for each customer.
    -Fixed bug - When adding customer or lead, default fields was not auto selecting

# UPDATE V 1.0.72 - (02 Mar 23)
    -Converted APIs into a separate module, so that configurations are very very easy now, just plug & play
    -Updated documentation
    -Fixed permission bug
    -Fixed searching was not working on some screens
    -fixed proposal was not adding properly 

# UPDATE V 1.0.71 - (22 Feb 23)
    -Added 2 more tabs in view task
    -Fixed search bug in support tab

# UPDATE V 1.0.7 - (19 Feb 23) --- Big Update
    -Added option to view task's info
    -Added option to view & update task's assignees
    -Added option to view & update task's followers
    -Added option to view & update task's attachments
    -Added option to view & update task's comments
    -Added option to view & update task's checklist Items
    -Other small bug fixes

# UPDATE V 1.0.6 - (10 Feb 23)
    -Added option to add Sales
    -Added dynamic logo from CRM'settings on the login page
    -Added settings option so that you can see app language.
    -Added permissions on the api, now users can add, update, delete things based on their role's permissions.
    -Fixed email icon not clickable
    -Other small bug fixes

# UPDATE V 1.0.5 - (8 Jan 23)
    -Added Sales menu above logout options
    -Shown list of proposals
    -View proposal summary, items
    -View proposal comments
    -fixed notifications bug
    -fixed crashes on customers & tasks tab

# UPDATE V 1.0.3 - (22 Dec 22)
    -Fixed notifications bug
    -Updated Android SDK & libraries
    -Updated documentation

# UPDATE V 1.0.2 - (19 Dec 22)
    -Fixed tasks not loading when name is empty
    -Bug fixed

# UPDATE V 1.0.1 - ( 12 DEC 22 )
    -Added Notifications screen
    -Added Live Notifications(It will work if you have added and enabled pusher configurations in CRM)
    -Added Live Demo
    -Fixed Bugs

# UPDATE V 1.0 - ( 1 DEC 22 )
    -Initial Release