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The Nowa Nextjs Admin Dashboard Template is a fully responsive, multipurpose, and user-friendly admin template. It includes 100+ Next.js components and 40+ React plugins, making it a top choice for a react next js admin template.

This nextjs modern admin template is designed for multipurpose use and comes pre-built with the React-Bootstrap nextjs template design. It features a vertical and horizontal menu, as well as light, dark, and gradient-colored designs, making it a perfect admin dashboard nextjs solution.

This nextjs dashboard template is fully responsive in the React-Bootstrap framework and works on all major web browsers, desktop, iPhone, iPad, tablet, and other smartphone devices. It is a top choice for an admin panel template react nextjs bootstrap dashboard template.

This multi-colored react next js admin template features various components such as react-datepicker, Multiple-select-component, tree-view, sweetAlert2, and more, making it a perfect react bootstrap next js solution. It is a 100% premium quality admin and dashboard template with no jQuery plugins, making it a perfect react nextjs bootstrap admin template.

When you purchase this react nextjs admin template, you will get all React JS files, SCSS, CSS, and a starter kit. Note that images are not included in the final purchased download, but you will get a perfect admin dashboard template code.

This react next js web admin template has clean React components, SCSS, CSS, and a React-Bootstrap control panel template design. It also includes modern React plugins such as Material-UI, react-table, react-full-calendar, react-Select2, Chart.js, Apex Chart, and more, making it a perfect nextjs dashboard solution.

We have used react-redux in the E-commerce pages with simple JavaScript functionalities, react-hook concepts for state manipulation, and some attractive features, making it a perfect react nextjs admin dashboard solution.

This is the best nextjs admin dashboard with super clean code structure, an interface design that is easy to customize with React-Bootstrap framework components and JS plugins. It is fully responsive with various layout widths, positions, and modes, and you can easily design any type of dashboard template on your own, making it a perfect react next js admin template and a react bootstrap admin dashboard solution.

Once you purchase this nextjs admin template, you will be able to download all future updates for free, making it a perfect next js dashboard template solution.

Nowa – Nextjs Javascript Admin and Dashboard Template primarily focuses on Client Components. The decision to utilize Client Components was driven by the absence of a backend in the template. We believed that leveraging Client Components would best suit the project requirements and ensure a seamless user experience ( NO App Router)

You can enjoy a lifetime of FREE updates!

Template Features and most usable plugins

• Next.js 13
• React-18
• React-Bootstrap
• 100+ React Components
• Message Chat
• Mail Inbox
• Widgets static
• 1 Dashboard
• TimeLine
• Form Advanced
• Form Editor
• Email
• Calendar
• Form Elements
• Invoice Pages
• Media Object
• Pricing Tables
• More Widgets
• Error Pages
• Under Construction Page
• Lock Screen, Registration, Forget Password
• Custom Pages
• W3c Validated
• 24 * 7 Professional Company Support
• Very easy to create your own site
• Neat, clean and simple design
• Easy to customize
• React-redux
• Firebase Authentication
• No JQuery Dependency
• React-Routing
• Different Layouts
• 11 Different types of Icons
• Editable DataTables
• 2 Attractive Maps using Leaflet maps and React-simple-maps
• 3 Attractive Charts using Apex, Chartjs, Echarts
• RTL Support
• File Upload
• Wizards
• Attractive Gallery
• Color Variation ( Light, Dark and Gradient theme Layouts )
• Boxed Style, Body Style , fixed and scrollable features.
• Color Variations for menu and header ( Light, Dark and Color)
• Menu Variation ( Horizontal(Top) and Vertical(Side) Menu )
• Slick carousels
• React-select2
• rc-color-picker
• react-step-progress
• react-stepzilla
• react-toastify
• deni-react-treeview
• Material-ui
• Dropzone


• Nextjs V13.1.5
• React V18.2.0
• React-Bootstrap 2.7.0
• Sass
• Gulp
• No-jquery Dependency

What do you get?

• CSS Files
• SCSS Files
• JS Files
• Starter kit

Change log

Version : V.1
Release Date: June 01,2023.
Update Details:
1) Integrate Firebase.
2) Updated the documentation.


This is a static template only, which means that after purchase, you can customize the required functionality based on your specific requirements. However, it is important to note that sufficient expertise is necessary to use this item effectively, as the final template functions the same as the demo product.


SOURCES : All images are just used for DEMO Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.

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Nowa – Nextjs Admin Dashboard Template