Nostalgic Acoustic Pack

Three emotive, nostalgic acoustic tracks.

These pieces could accompany:

- Reality TV, documentaries and drama about farming / rural / small town communities
- Reflective, emotional moments in dramas
- Adverts with an idyllic, bucolic tone
- Heartwarming photo slideshows and holiday montages
- Memorials, tributes and emotive vlogs


Sad Reflective Acoustic Guitar 1:15 (starts at 0:00)

Slow and gentle acoustic guitar track accompanied by lyrical piano and heartwarming orchestral textures.

This piece creates a wistful, melancholic tone which is perfect for reflective moments in your projects. The dreamy, relaxed pace of the piece, as well as the natural tone, suggest a late summer, or autumnal atmosphere with a romantic sentimentality and sadness.

Happy Memories 2:18 (starts at 1:15)

Warm, emotive piano ballad.

Beautiful piano played in a country pop style to create an inspiring, warm and blissful tone. It is perfect for accompanying happy memories with a rustic, dreamy and romantic feel.

Heartfelt Acoustic Guitar 2:19 (starts at 3:33)

Dreamy, emotive fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

This folk-inspired acoustic fingerpicked guitar conjures up ideas of simpler times, friendship, community and the great outdoors.

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