.NET 6 MVC with AdminLTE & API Starter Kit + Authentication, User Management

.NET 6 MVC with AdminLTE & API Starter Kit + Authentication, User Management

.NET AdminLTE Starter Kit: A clean .NET 6 high-performance project template with user Management CRUD, role management CRUD, authentication using Identity and Entity Framework with beautiful AdminLTE dashboard UI, and API project with JWT authentication and Swagger documentation. This starter kit will save 200+ hours of development time.

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  • MVC: Clean Architecture
  • AdminLTE Dashboard UI: Clean and well-documented AdminLTE Dashboard UI with all the plugins
  • Authentication: Login page (using Identity Framework)
  • User Management: Create, View, Edit and Delete users
  • User Edit:User Edit with profile picture upload
  • Change Password: Admin change password option
  • Dynamic Sidebar: Sidebar navigation items can be dynamically generated using sidebar.json no need to add a menu in the HTML code
  • Dynamic UI Content: Dynamic and modular create action button, page UI block, and so on.
  • Server Side Toast Notification: You can trigger toast notification from the server side supports error, info, warning, and success
  • Data Table: Datatable plugin with all types of exports (pdf, CSV, excel, copy, pdf, print)
  • API Project: Separate API project with JWT authentication
  • Repository pattern & Modular design: Build using Repository pattern and modular design(separate DB Class Library, Logics and Web and API project)
  • Dynamic Access Control: With dynamic access control you can create many roles and assign controls as per your requirement dynamically for each and individual action.
  • DB Supports EF Core supports many DB providers. We have added MySQL and MSSQL out of the box
  • CRUD Example added: TODO CRUD Example
  • Admin Password Reset: Admin can reset password for other users
  • Account blocking Unblocking: Admin can block unblock account
  • More coming soon: Hold tight cool features are coming soon…
features of NETAdminLTE

Demo Web Account Info:

  • User Name: adminuser
  • Password: Admin@123

Demo API Account Info:

  • User Name: appuser
  • Password: User@123

Package Contents:

  • .NET 6 Framework MVC Full Project( Web App Project, API Project, Class Library for DataAccess and Business logic)
  • Installation documentation

Third Party Plugins:

  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • Jquery
  • Select 2
  • DataTables (with all exports options)
  • daterangepicker
  • datepicker
  • NToasty
  • Swagger UI & Testing

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Change Log

Version 1.3.1 (13-Sep-2023)

-Dependency updated to latest version

Version 1.3 (05-May-2023)

-Bug Fixes and improvements

Version 1.2 (18-March-2023)

-User Edit with profile picture upload
-Added MySQL and MSSQL configurations
-TODO CRUD Example added
-Admin password reset for other users added
-Users block unblock added
-Bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1 20/December/2022

-Added Role Management added in the admin panel
-Change password option added in the admin panel
-API Project added with JWT Authentication and Swagger UI
-Repository pattern
-Bug fixes

Version 1.0 19/11/2022

-Initial Release

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