The National

Dramatic epic orchestral music with patriotic heroic victorious mood. Perfect for military soldier army video, war and battle movie trailer scenes, video game soundtrack, opener, intro, teaser, historical documentary film, cinematic slideshow, showreel, YouTube video and much more.

Background music for national holidays: Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Patriot Day, Presidents Day, Remembrance Day, Veterans Day.

Included instruments: marching snares, aspirational horns, emotional piano, modern orchestra (strings, brass), massive drums with hits, riser, percussion and cymbals.
  1. Full Track ( 2:13)
  2. Mid Version ( 1:55)
  3. Short Version ( 1:38)
  4. 1 min Version ( 1:03)
  5. Bumper ( 0:24)
The National - 1 The National - 2